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Here's everything you need to know about contracting in Germany.

AUG is a German labour-leasing licence required to assign contractors to Germany and ensure that all contractors are working compliantly under the German tax system.

Augsight GmbH is committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process, and to provide a consistent approach to data protection. We recognise our obligations in updating and expanding our policy to meet the demands of the GDPR and all local data protection laws.


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You’re a self-employed contractor in Germany, and you may be experienced or not. You may need specific services but not need others. What’s the answer?

The answer is Augsight’s one-stop-shop Pay-As-You-Go Freiberufler service.

Using our FREE Service Value calculator, you choose the services you want for as long as you want them. For your assignment, and based on your income, we will charge you a fixed monthly fee, so you know exactly where you are.

Sound interesting?

Why Us?

Incorporated in 2001, we provide solutions that help contractors, recruiters and corporate clients do their business in Germany legally and profitably.


Local Presence

We have our office in Mörfelden-Walldorf near Frankfurt.

Our Expertise

Our directors and staff have been in the German contractor market for over twenty years.

Work Permits

We can help with work permits for non-EU/EEA workers.

100% Compliant

We hold an AuG licence that permits us to engage in staff-leasing in Germany and ensure that German and foreign contractors are working compliantly under the German tax system.

Cost Efficient

We listen carefully to you, understand your personal requirements and needs, and then we collaborate with you to provide our services at reasonable prices.

Health Insurance

German health insurance is mandatory by law. We partner with trusted German insurance providers, that can help you get the right coverage.


Please check out our FAQs below. Don’t see an answer to your question? Feel free to contact us

What is an AüG licence?

  • AuG is a German labour-leasing licence required to engage in staff-leasing in Germany and ensure that German and foreign contractors are working compliantly under the German tax system.
  • No umbrella company, recruitment business or corporate can employ someone in Germany to work under the control of another party without this authorization.
  • Augsight GmbH holds an AüG licence and is your route to working compliantly in the German market. In this case, compliance covers the end-user of the services, the recruitment business, and the contractors themselves.

What are the benefits of AüG?

  • Ideal for temporary positions of less than an eighteen-month duration.
  • Where there is not sufficient independence for the contractor to be a freelancer (Freiberufler) there may be Scheinselbstständigkeit – disguised employment.
  • Simple to set up and to end.
  • AüG provides flexibility for the end-client, the recruitment business and the worker.
  • Less expensive than setting up a German company.

Work permits

We can apply for a blue card (employed work permit) for non-EU nationals. The conditions are:

  • The contract must be for a minimum of 13 months
  • The degree or diploma must be recognised by the German authorities (Anabin)
  • A gross annual salary of at least EUR 44,304 (in 2021) is required for employees in mathematics, IT, natural sciences, engineering and human. In all other fields, there is a minimum gross annual salary of EUR 56,800.

An employed work permit takes between 2 to 6 weeks for approval

Health Insurance

Every person resident in Germany is obliged to hold appropriate health insurance. Employed persons can obtain this either through government-approved schemes or by taking private health insurance. At AUGSIGHT we partner with trusted insurance providers, that can help you get the right coverage.

Our Services

Our services are aimed at customer satisfaction, always ensuring the best value for money, compliance and maximum take-home pay possible in Germany. Download our latest Corporate Brochure.










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