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What is the Pay-As-You-Go Freiberufler Service?

Augsight GmbH is delighted to offer a refreshing new service for self-employed contractors in Germany that will appeal to:

  • German Recruitment Businesses,
  • German Freiberuflen and
  • Experienced foreign independent contractors.

The concept is dead simple. Buy and pay for what you want. What could be more straightforward, fairer or transparent?

Anything else?

If you should terminate early for whatever reason, you will not have to pay for unused services, and we will make a payment in adjustment.

Your recruitment business will love you using Augsight’s PAYG solution as it removes risk from them. You will love our friendly service and flexibility with our ability to relieve you of work and get you paid faster and more surely through our optional billing, credit control, credit insurance and factoring services.

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We’re a service tailored to your precise needs.

Augsight can provide optionally billing, credit control, credit insurance, and Professional Indemnity insurance for the contractor.

Augsight’s services protect the contractor from the non-payment by their client due to insolvency and save the hassle of billing and chasing for your money.

    Freiberufler Service

    Fill in the relevant information in the calculator and we will prepare a free proposal for you, including all costs that are incurred. Please enter a valid email address as you will be sent an email with a proposal.

    Contract Details

    Please provide the following information:

    Choose Services

    Please select a service of your choice:

    If you have not already registered with the German tax authorities (Finanzamt), we will do this for you using our online tool. We complete the questionnaire (Fragebogen) with you online and in real-time, then submit it. If you are registered, then you don’t need this service.


    You need to complete your tax returns correctly and on time. If you want us to help you do this and help with your expenses, then select this option.


    A simple tax return is where all your income comes from your assignment


    A complex return is when you have other German or foreign-sourced income.


    Select this option if you want to ask us any questions and get a speedy reply. We try not to charge for services you neither want nor need.


    No brainer, really.


    If you want us to create an invoice for your recruitment agency or client from your timesheet, select this service if you prefer to prepare and send your invoices yourself, that’s fine.


    Select this service if you want us to bill your client on your behalf. Otherwise, you will prepare the invoices and chase your agency yourself.


    Select this service to insure your client for non-payment due to insolvency but not dispute. The premium covers 80% of your invoice should your agency or client fail to pay you. *Subject to terms and conditions.


    Select this option if you want to receive an immediate payment of 80% of your invoice without waiting until your client pays.


    We all make errors and omissions, and you can be held financially responsible. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) protects you from claims. Select this option for peace of mind.


    When you leave Germany or are no longer self-employed in Germany, we can help you to de-register with the Finanzamt. Select this option if you need it.